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June.2005- Feb.2008    

M.A, Architecture Dept, Shahid  Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran.

Major: Sustainable Architecture.

Research Advisor: Dr. Farhad Ahmadi.

Research Topic: Renovation and gentrification of southern part of Zerehsazan garden in accordant with Gentrification of southern part of Naghshe-e-Jahan square.

GPA:19.06 (of 20)

Rank 1 of M.A students in architecture, Shahid Beheshti Uni.


Aug.2000- June.2005

B.A, Architecture Dep, Isfahan Art University, Isfahan, Iran.

Major: Architecture

GPA: 17. 51 (of 20)

Rank 2 of students in Architecture. Isfahan Art Uni.




High School, Educational Complex of Farzanegan, Isfahan, Iran

Major: Mathematics & Physics

Diploma GPA: 19.7 (of 20)

Rank 1 in the high school.

تحت نظارت وف بومی