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Conference Papers
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Golafshan, Soha (2014), “The Study of Historic Texture Rehabilitation Management in Isfahan. Case Study: South Historic District of Naghsh Jahan Square. National Conference on Architecture, Civil Engineering & Urban Development, Tabriz, Iran. May 2014
Yekta, M., Soheilipur, M., Golafshan, S., Chamani, M.,. (2014), “Investigating the Effects of Qualitative and Quantitative Variables in Improving Thrombe Walls Heating Efficiency”, The 1st International Conference and Exhibition on Solar Energy, Tehran, I May 2014
Golafshan, Soha (2014), “Contextualism, from Form to Concept”, Proceedings of the international conference on Advanced Method of Design & Construction in Context- oriented Architecture, Tabriz, Iran. September 2014
Golafshan,S. (2013), “The Study of Gentrificatin in Sustainable Urban Rehabilitation Projects”, Architecture and Sustainable Urban Spaces Conference, Mashhad, Iran. December 2013
Golafshan, S. (2013), “Change of Historic Houses Using, a New Approach for Sustainable Revitalization”, The 1st National Conference on New Ideas and Technologies in Architecture, Tabriz, Iran. March 2013
Golafshan, S., ”The Study of Wind Tower Disadvantages for Natural Ventilation of Contemporary Buildings and Alternative Proposal”, 2nd Annual Clean Energy Conference (ACEC), Kerman, Iran June 2012
Golafshan, S., ”The Strategies Study of Using Natural Ventilation in Buildings”, The 1st Natural Conference of Green Architecture, Isfahan, Iran April 2010
Journal Papers
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Golafshan, S., “A Report of Urban Revitalization of Southern Part of Naghsh-e-Jahan Square Project”, Danesh-Nama, Technical-Professional Journal of Iranian Organization for Engineering Order of Building, No. 186-187, pp. 5-30. December 2010

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